Scorching Hot Wedding Day

Although it was just the first of June, it was in the 90's for this wedding. Sweltering. You'd never know it from these pix, though (I hope!!). Still, it did put a certain amount of slowness in the activities, and also a bit of "do we really have to go outside?" in the mix.  Everyone did their best to brave the heat and cooperate, though.  

This is the girls looking how they think the guys will look - hahaha!!

Picture Perfect Fall Wedding Photo!

Just couldn't help myself - I had to post this new edit from the wedding on the last weekend in October. Rarely do you get such all-around perfect conditions: just the right amount of sunshine, perfect autumn color, gorgeous bridal bouquet, and a lovely, head-over-heels in love bride and groom!

Lynchburg Wedding Photography - What is Photojournalistic Wedding Photography??

Please check out my brand new page, just added! In an effort to circumvent any confusion on down the road, I've taken the time to address the whole subject of "photojournalistic" style wedding photography.
I'd love to hear from you after you read it!

To view the page, just click here:  Lynchburg photojournalistic wedding photography

Fan Mail

Just couldn't resist sharing this recent message from a Mother of the Groom:

"Tommie, I can not thank you enough for everything you have done...from going to the church to check on lighting, to listening to our requests, to being so accommodating throughout the entire process.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!! "